Friday, December 21, 2007

What was I thinking?

If I had more room I would have drawn more Plumage. This piece was drawn with colored pencil about 8 years ago. I really wanted to capture this male peafowl's irridescense. It took me a few months to finish it. Drawing each of those feathers helped me get through a rough part of my life. Maybe that is why he looks so pissed. It sold but I was able to include it is a few shows. Asian pheasants and birds are so amazing. Peacocks
can fly quite well. In the 14th century, the europeans used to roast peacock and serve it on a tray of it's own feathers. mmm...Yum.


~Izabella said...

I remember when you created this piece, so detailed & gorgeous!! you are amazing :)

also love the bit of info...can't imagine what it would taste like?! maybe like quail or dove?


The Vineyard Painter said...