Friday, December 14, 2007

This lion is sniffing the wind on the Serengetti. I like this picture but it never sold. It looks better in person.
I am thankful to my husband, my sister & my brother-in law and so many others for encouraging me to keep on making art. It is so easy to get distracted by everyday life and then you lose sight of some of the more important things. Art before rent is my new mantra. ;) When I am on my way to the next life I am not going to be thinking about all the rent I've paid. I'll will be more concerned if I blessed enough people.


~Izabella said...

mmmm...sistaaah lets take a trip there! I would love to see the lions roaming free~

love these drawings, hope you share more of your colored pencil art~ do you have any scans of your custom order portraits?! xo!!

~Izabella said...

where oh where is my beautiful sister?! xo!!