Friday, December 7, 2007

That was easy

Ok. That wasn't so bad. Here is a picture of my next piece. This one is made on a hexagon wood bead and spins around so you can see the whole picture of the Madonna and child. I don't like making the same thing twice. I like it to be a new creation every time. All my work isn't centered around religious figures but all my work has to be centered in spirit or else true creativity won't flow for me. So what do you think? ~M~


~Izabella said...

for some reason your photos aren't showing up~ :(

call me when you get a free moment, lets go over it, on how to upload~

I am soooo loving the piece on etsy!!

let's get your name out there sistaaah!! xo

~Izabella said...

never mind :0

my computer was wiggin out, pictures look good ~

let me know if you need help putting links in your sidebar~

Anne, Bulles dorées said...

magnifique !!