Monday, March 10, 2008

Lace and Rhinestones~

This was recently added to Etsy. This is a long corset and on the lower right I sewed an angel, some rhinestones and another pin down by the hip. I really enjoyed making this one since It is setting me off in a new direction.

Necklace on Etsy~

I used a vintage earing and removed the old stones out of it and replaced them with pictures of pink roses and mary praying. I added some rhinestones too.

New on Etsy~

Lace ~ Lots of lace! Thats my new thing lately :)

Monday, March 3, 2008

French Corset~

I had some trouble getting a good shot of this one. This is also a long corset. The material is a silky background with raised velvet designs. I ended up adding some black lace down each side. The broach has a little black in it.

Vintage Dress

I found a vintage dress with pearls, rhinestones and beads all around the neck and hem. So I applied it to this corset along with black velvet, trims and lace along the sides. The centerpiece is an antique rhinestone earing.

Lots of Lace~

This bustier is off white, pink and gold. It is a long corset so it will reach the waist. I made it from a Hale Bob shirt. Yes, I cut it up!