Saturday, December 22, 2007

Little Bird~

This is my most recent work. I never really worked with acrylic paint that much. I always felt like I couldn't control it enough. Well now I realize that's a good thing. As you can see, I always feel like details are so important. I'm trying to let that go a little. The painting isn't done yet. It'll let me know when it is time to be finished. I was planning on painting her holding the bird and maybe her singing a song to it? I'll post it again when I am finished. Hope you like it. ~M~


~Izabella said...

this is amazing!! xo!!

sue said...

If this is the result of not painting with acrylics much, I can't wait to see what you come up with later on! Beautiful!

~Izabella said...

all these years & I had no idea you liked Stevie Ray Vaughn :)

just checking in on you!!

hear it's going to snow again, I'm so jealous~

love ya!!

stilettoheights said...

these are stunning!!!! I found you from your sisters blog!