Tuesday, December 30, 2008

TIM PAGE Brilliant!!!

My husband and I went on a short trip to see our family and this was the first time we saw Tim Page's art (Tim is married to my husbands cousin, Jennifer) Their home is a creative refuge for themselves and their 3 fantastic kids. Jennifer plays the violin and is a musical genious. :) Roman is an excellent athlete, Rebekah is a creative painter, designer and book maker, and Gabe is a smart, studious boy with lots of talents. We weren't there long enough to take in all the wonders of the family and all that were there but it was a very inspiring day. I love everyone I met. I gravitate towards the creative so don't fell like I'm leaving anyone out on purpose. Tim needs recognition for his art. My and Mark's hope is that he will put his art on ETSY for starters. I don't know if these pictures do them justice but his procedures are very precise and dynamic. The pictures here are of a self portrait. He is wearing a beret and it is a self portrait so kinda "cliche" so he says. It is brilliant! The image is made up of small painted squares (similar to pointilism)with predetermined values inputed into his invented computer program. (Sorry this may not be his way of explaining it- I was so excited I was having a hard time taking it all in. My hope for him is that he can quit his day job!! :) Big Hugs and blessings to all of the family. XOXOXO

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gramma said...

I check your site every now and then. So happy you displayed one of Tims pieces. Aunti ruthi