Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Babooshka Bustier!

I made this corset with real rabbit fur and winter white velvet. My sister made one similar to it a long time ago and it has always stuck in my head so I thought i would try one similar but longer. White rabbit fur fell into my lap, so to speak, s I figured now was the time. The one she made had really nice gold trim with white and gold brocade fabric. It was beautiful! It sold out of Astro Wares art gallery many years ago. My sister, Izabella (computer name) is quite a talented artist but rootbound like so many of us. She has sooooo much creativity inside but doubts it just like most of us artist do. She has started drawing again so I will post a sample of her work above. Make sure you check out her blog...she has a gift of bringing people together and inspiring others. She is the best sister evah!!! My friend, Ivy Long, said it reminds her of Dr. Zhivago!

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