Friday, January 4, 2008

Every knee shall bow...

This piece is also made on a small bottle. These are really fun to work with. It isn't quite finished but will be and you can see it on Etsy by the end of the weekend. I like this one. On the inside there is a picture of three cherubs reading from the lambs book of life. There is also a freshwater pearl, a little red heart, some beads and a rolled up scroll. On the outside of the scroll is a person nealing and when you open the scroll it says..."Every knee shall bow and every tonge confess that Jesus Christ is lord." I think we'll all be surprized to find out what he really looks like when we each meet him face to face.

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~Izabella said...

halo beautiful sister~

these newest creations are amazing! you blow me away with your talent~

2008 is going to be your year!!

love ya~